Yellow-eyed penguins

Head for the fiords
The Fiordland crested penguin is the only one of the crested penguins that is relatively easily viewed in New Zealand, as the other crested species require a sub-antarctic voyage. Fiordland, South Westland and Stewart Island are the usual domain of the Fiordland crested although moulting birds are sometimes seen on the Otago and Southland coasts.

Fiordland crested penguins only frequent their breeding colonies during the breeding season, so to see them, plan your trip for between July and November. The best time of day is early morning (dawn) or after 3pm as the penguins commute to and from the sea.
  • Do not approach birds or nests
  • To get a closer view, use binoculars
  • Dogs kill penguins!

On your own
Fiordland crested viewing sites are not the easiest sites to get to :
  • Munroe Beach, South Westland
  • North-west circuit tramping track, Stewart Island

Best time: July to November

Go with a guide

Heritage Expeditions Ltd - Ship-based expeditions to Fiordland, the antarctic and sub-antarctic.
Wilderness Lodge, Lake Moeraki, South Westland.
Fiordland Ecology Holidays offer multi-day cruises around Fiordland, some of which provide the opportunity to see Fiordland penguins.

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